South West Breast Clinic


Mr Wilhelm Scholtz Wiggett

General Surgeon

Mr Robert Toma

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

Karen Lourey

Breast Reconstruction Nurse

Breast Cancer Surgery

At South West Breast Clinic we offer comprehensive management of breast cancer with a multi-disciplinary approach involving our breast cancer surgeon and breast reconstruction surgeons and nurse who work closely with local medical and radiation oncologists. Breast cancer touches many lives and families and at South West Breast Clinic we aim minimise the stress that is associated with such diagnosis by helping you co-ordinate appointments to ensure treatment is delivered in time efficient manner with a high quality of service.

Breast Reconstruction

South West Breast Clinic offers a comprehensive breast reconstruction service, covering all aspects of reconstruction. Our team of plastic surgeons and breast reconstruction nurse work closely with your breast surgeons and oncologist to ensure you achieve the best outcome locally.

Breast Reconstruction options:

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