Medical tattooing is a choice for women who are considering nipple and/or areola reconstruction following surgery for breast cancer.

Following the reconstruction, it is now achievable to recreate the areola and/or nipple, with pleasing results giving the client much more confidence.

With colouring of the areola the colour and size can be matched to the other breast. Ladies who have had a reconstruction on both sides can decide on colour and size to achieve the most aesthetic result.

The nipple can be reconstructed surgically. However, for those women choosing to avoid surgery, a 3-D nipple can be created using various colours to achieve a successful outcome.

Pigments injected are oxide / mineral based and do not contain any chemicals. There are many colours, and the techniques applied, help to create a natural looking, balanced end result.

The colour is applied by inserting pigments into the skin with a fine pen like machine. Topical anaesthetic is applied before the procedure so that discomfort during the procedure is minimal. There is minimal or no downtime following the procedure

To achieve the desired result it may require 2 to 3 treatments