Cosmeceuticals – Osmosis Medical Grade Skincare

Visible and premature skin ageing is common for both men and women as the exposed skin on the face, chest and hands suffers greatly from the damaging effects of our harsh sun. With time these changes progressively worsen and ultimately become difficult to manage and correct with simple over the counter skin care products.

At WPRS we use and recommend Osmosis Medical Grade Skincare premium product with clinically proven ingredients to target skin ageing and other conditions. Osmosis products contain a combination of enzymes, growth factors, anti-oxidants and vitamins that help reduce the signs of ageing and maintain a healthy skin tone and texture.

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We can also assist you with an individualised skin care pack that we have carefully selected for common skin conditions including:




Sun Damage

Facial redness/Rosacea

A good skin care regimes must incorporate sun protection and it is recommended that you wear a sunscreen every day. Naturally, it is also best to drink plenty of water, eat a healthy and balanced diet and avoid smoking in order to improve and maintain optimal skin and general health.

At WPRS we offer skin assessments with our experienced team where we can design a program that is tailored to your skin concerns and requirements.