There are many ways in which people exhibit facial redness.  Some have a flushed appearance with a classic red nose and cheeks often associated with spicy foods, or hot and cold weather. Others have obvious capillaries or blood vessels that may range from just a single spot, to a small area around the nose, the entire face.

Sun exposure is the main cause of broken capillaries and facial redness. For some women, they also notice capillaries during pregnancy, or as the skin becomes thinner due to intrinsic ageing.  Some medical conditions such as Rosacea can result in the appearance of facial redness, which can be exacerbated with triggers.

Treatments for facial redness are popular for both men and women.  Examples of concerns that may lead to clients booking a treatment include:

Facial redness, or flushing of the cheeks and nose (occasionally associated with rosacea)

A vascular spot on the face or body that is red or purple in appearance

A single capillary, blood vessel, or small number of vessels coming out of the nostrils or either side of the nose

Fine ‘thread like’ capillaries that cover the nose, cheeks and even the forehead and chin.  These capillaries are sometimes very tiny and often mistaken as flushed skin or diffuse redness.

At WPRS we offer a number of options for treatment including:

Cutera vascular laser

Limelight IPL

LED phototherapy

For chronic and significant conditions of the skin that a are non-responsive to above treatment referral to our dermatologist is also available.