At WPRS, we offer safe and effective treatment for onychomycosis (fungal nail) with laser therapy.

Laser penetrates inside the nail where the fungus (dermatophytes) lives, denaturing the fungus. The laser light passes through the tough nail plate with minimal discomfort and no damage to the surrounding tissues. The procedure takes around 20-30 minutes and does not require any form of anaesthesia. Up to 3 treatments maybe required depending on the severity of the condition.

Pain medication is not required after the procedure and you can go back to work or any activity immediately following treatment. Treatment will not change your existing nails. As the new nail grows, it shows signs of clearing from the bottom of the nail. This usually takes 6-12 months depending on how fast your nails grow.  

For resistant fungal nail conditions a referral to our Dermatologist is also an option.

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