Warts are often naturally self-resolving; however, some can be unpredictable and require treatment. Current treatment methods including topical ointments are time consuming and rely heavily on compliance. Invasive methods (such as diathermy or surgery) are often associated with long recovery periods and greater discomfort.

Laser treatment for warts is based on destruction of the vascular target tissue within the wart. The target, or ‘chromophore,’ absorbs specific light waves which are converted to thermal (heat) energy. This has a coagulation (photodermal) effect on the wart.

Treatment with laser is applied to each wart, including 1mm margin on the surrounding skin. 1-4 sessions maybe required with a treatment interval of around 4 weeks. Local anaesthetic is required for laser treatment of warts and ability to tolerate the procedure is of particular significance (tolerated by most adults). A crust may form over the treatment site for 1-2 weeks following treatment.

For resistant warts a referral to our Dermatologist is also an option.