Molemap by dermatologist™

Molemap by dermatologist was established in 1997 as a leader in skin surveillance and accurate detection of melanoma

At WPRS, Molemap complements our dermatological services and provides a safe impartial skin surveillance system that is proven to increase earlier detection of melanoma

Molemap have a range of services for those concerned about one mole through to entire body mapping. Options with Molemap include:

  1. Molemap Spot check
  2. Molemap Skin check
  3. Full body Molemap

Skin checks are performed by a melanographer at WPRS Warrnambool with images sent for assessment by a highly skilled Australian dermatologist. A report is generated and sent to you and your nominated GP and/or specialist.

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No referral required

For appointment please call either WPRS 03 5562 5330 or Molemap 1800 665 262


Dr Werner Sinclair