Our Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is essential for all services at WPRS.

How do I make an appointment?

Please contact the friendly staff at WPRS to make an appointment. All appointments are booked on (03) 5562 5330 or email WPRS and we will contact you.

If your general practitioner has sent a referral to WPRS to see a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, dermatologist or hand therapist then WPRS staff will contact you with an appointment with 48 hours of receiving the referral

Do I need a referral?

It is recommended that you have a referral to see the specialist Plastic Surgeons or dermatologist, in order to claim a rebate on your consultation and your medical treatment from Medicare, if applicable.

WPRS hand therapy does not require a referral, with the exception of Workcover, TAC and Enhanced Primary care clients. 

A referral is not required for our facial rejuvenation or Medispa clinics.

How much will a consultation cost?

Your consultation at WPRS with a Plastic and Reconstruction surgeon will cost $131.40 or $91.40 with concession. An initial consultation with a dermatologist will cost $200 or $150 with concession. You will receive a $72.75 rebate from Medicare.  

Consultation with our cosmetic physician in WPRS facial rejuvenation clinic will incur a cost of $120. This fee is waived if you proceed with treatment of injectable’s on the day of consultation.

WPRS Hand therapy has an initial consultation fee of $75 (Victoria) and $75 (South Australia). There is no Medicare rebate, however some private insurance companies do provide rebate for treatment. Additional costs may be incurred for splints or equipment purchased.

WPRS Medispa offers a skin consultation with our laser/dermal therapist for a cost of $30 per consultation. No Medicare rebate is available for this consultation.

Where will my consultation be?

WPRS plastics and reconstructive surgeons and dermatologist consult from rooms in Warrnambool, Mt Gambier and Hamilton 

Facial rejuvenation clinic and hand therapy clinics operates from both Warrnambool and Mt Gambier.

Medispa consultation and treatments are currently only offered in Warrnambool.

Where will my surgery be and how long will I have to wait?

WPRS plastics surgeon’s operative privately out of St John of God Warrnambool. Wait time for non-elective procedure (i.e. Skin cancer) is less than 1 week. Elective or cosmetic procedure wait time vary between 2-4 weeks.

For Public patients the WPRS surgeons operate at South West healthcare Warrnambool, Portland district health and Camperdown hospital. Your case will be categorised by your surgeon and you will be placed on a waiting list. Wait times vary according to the hospital. The staff at WPRS will be able to give you a guide at the time of booking surgery.

WPRS dermatologist performs minor procedures in the consulting rooms at our 3 locations. Wait times are minimal. The staff at WPRS will book any procedure following consultation.

Will there be an out of pocket cost for my surgery?

After consultation with a plastic and reconstructive surgeon, if it is decided that your require surgery, you will see one of the WPRS secretaries who will provide you with information regarding any out of pocket costs.

Out of pocket costs depend on the type of procedure, your level of private health cover and if the procedure has a Medicare item number.

We strongly advise any private patients that they check with their insurance company that there level of cover, covers there procedure.

If you elect to have surgery as a public patient you will be placed on the waiting list at the public hospital of your choice. There will be no out of pocket cost for this surgery. However you will be required to wait for your surgery in line with government guidelines.

For procedure performed by the Dermatologist, you will be provided with a quote for the procedure to be performed in the rooms. For procedures in the rooms there is no Medicare rebate.

Can I have my surgery in the consulting rooms?

At the time of consultation your plastic surgeon or dermatologist will discuss with you if your procedure can be performed in the consulting rooms.

Procedure performed in the rooms will incur a facility fee.

Any procedure that requires sedation or a general anaesthetist will be performed in an accredited health care facility with a qualified anaesthetist present for your safety.

Can I have my surgery at the time of consultation?

No. Whilst we endeavour to minimise the inconvenience to our patients, we cannot guarantee that you can have a procedure on the day of consultation.

After consultation with one of our plastic surgeon you will see one of the WPRS secretaries to organise a time for surgery.

Our Dermatologist, may elect to perform small procedures at the time of consultation, however more major procedure will require a separate booking.

After surgery where will my follow up appointment be?

WPRS provides comprehensive aftercare following surgery. We have a dedicated team of nursing staff who will review you 1 week after surgery. An appointment will then be made for follow up with your surgeon.

Private patients in addition receive a follow up call the day after surgery to ensure that everything is progressing well.

We provide nursing clinics in both Warrnambool (Daily) Mt Gambier (Weekly) and Hamilton (Monthly) for your convenience.

For Hamilton patients requiring hand therapy post-surgery you may be recommended to travel to Warrnambool for your initial follow up therapy.

After hand surgery do I need hand therapy?

At WPRS we strongly recommend that all patients undergoing hand surgery attend a hand therapy appointment at the time of their initial review appointment.

Ongoing hand therapy will then be organised according to your type of surgery.

WPRS plastic and reconstructive surgeons believe the outcome of your surgery is strongly dependant on your therapy and rehabilitation program.

Can I have a breast reduction or abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck) performed in a public hospital?

No. Unfortunately due to prolonged waiting list times and restrictions on hospital access neither breast reduction or abdominoplasty can be offered to public patients.

If you are an uninsured patient and are contemplating either of these procedure please call WPRS secretaries who can provide you with some options to getting these procedure done.

Who should perform my skin check?

At WPRS we offer a range of options when it comes to skin checks.

Our Dermatologist performs comprehensive skin checks using state of the art photographic surveillance of your skin. A referral is required. This service is offered in Warrnambool, Mt Gambier and Hamilton.

Molemap by Dermatologists is offered from our Warrnambool consulting rooms. This offers a variety of options for checking your skin lesion from single lesion assessment through to total body mapping. No referral is required.

Our staff at WPRS can advise you on which skin check is most appropriate for you.

Where do we go for molemap™ and Vein clinic?

WPRS Vein clinic and Molemap are located at Suite 13 St John of God Hospital. For ease of access park at the front of the hospital, enter via the main entrance and follow the signage. If the rooms are unattended please proceed to Suite 5 St John of God Hospital.