Photodynamic therapy (PDT) utilises LED light technology (Photonsmart) (Please link to photonsmart section in medispa) to treat skin lesions that have been activated by the application of a topical cream.

PDT maybe used to treat

  • Solar keratosis
  • SCC in-situ (Bowen’s disease)
  • Superficial BCC
  • Acne

At WPRS, our Dermatologist will assess your needs and prescribe a treatment for your condition.

Treatment occurs in two stages with application of a cream in the morning followed 2-3 hours later light treatment for 7-8 minutes.  Lesions may be curetted lightly pre-treatment to improve outcomes.

During a treatment, you may experience a warm prickling sensation. A fan and water spray is used and occasionally topical or injected anesthetics to improve comfort.

Post treatment a light dressing will be applied for 24 hours. It is expected your skin will become red and slightly swollen and may occasionally form a crust. This will heal from below.

You may require 1 -2 treatments depending on the type and number of lesions being treated.

Cost of treatment will vary on the number of lesions treated and size of the area treated. All patients will be informed of costs at the time of treatment


Dr Werner Sinclair