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MoleMap™ is one of the most advanced methods for detection and early diagnosis of skin cancer.

Total body photography creates a complete medical record of your skin surface and each individual mole. A melanographer (registered nurse qualified in skin cancer and skin imaging) assesses your skin with dermoscopic and clinical imaging that creates high-quality clinical images assessing the structure of your moles.

All images and information are sent for assessment by a dermatologist of at least 13 years’ experience. A comprehensive report is then prepared for you and your designated GP or specialist. For full body MoleMap™ patients all mole images are provided via an online portal.

Who is suitable?

MoleMap™ is a gold standard skin surveillance system suitable for anyone.

At WPRS we recommend MoleMap™ for individuals that have:

  • A high number of moles
  • A number of atypical moles
  • A strong personal history of skin cancer and/or melanoma
  • A strong family history of skin cancer and/or melanoma
  • History of high occupational or lifestyle sun exposure.

If you are unsure that MoleMap™ is suitable for you please speak to our friendly staff who will happily discuss your suitability


MoleMap™ spot check $149

  • 15-minute appointment
  • 1-2 spots checked
  • Expert dermatologist diagnosis
  • Skin cancer education

Full body MoleMap™ $399

  •  60 minute appointment
  • Head to toe skin check and photography of all significant moles
  • Complete photographic record
  • Free spot check within 12 months
  • Follow up patient from $339.

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