Regular skin checks are recommended in the early detection of skin cancer, including melanoma.

Skin checks are recommended for everyone, in particular for those who have:

  • A history of extensive sun exposure/frequent sun burns
  • Previous skin cancers/pre-cancers
  • Multiple or abnormal moles/sun spots
  • Previous solarium use
  • Fair skin/family history of skin cancer/melanoma

At WPRS we offer skin checks with

  1. Specialist dermatologist- who is trained to assessing your skin as a whole and provide expert advice for all types of skin cancers and skin conditions. GP referral required.


  1. Mole Map by dermatologist – provides a full assessment by our specialled trained nurses and photographic surveillance of all suspicious lesion which are reported on by an Australian dermatologist. No referral required.

Routine skin checks facilitate a preventative approach to skin cancer management.  We can assess your risk of developing skin cancer in the future, providing medical imaging and storage capabilities so that we can effectively monitor your skin changes over time.

Dr Werner Sinclair